In the first of four blog posts Adam Sharp, MD at CleverTouch, shares with TFM&A Insights the ways in which the career of marketers will change.

Adam believes one the changes happening in the industry that will effect the role of marketers is the way in which success is monitored. Right now you’re judged on the results of a campaign, where in the future Adam suggests you will be measured by your ability to implement technology effectively, that enables your business to communicate in new ways, and by the level of insight you can provide to your boss.

This highlights a bigger shift which is positioning marketing as the enabler for implementing technology. No longer is it down to IT to suggest the technology departments need, marketers also can’t leave it to sales to decide. They need to be able to identify the relevant technology that will drive the customer experience and therefore get them noticed by the board.

Marketing technology has the ability to provide insight which can move marketing from the backroom to the boardroom, which is something many marketers are challenged to do. In the article Adam highlights the three areas in which marketing technology will reshape your organisation and your career. To read what they are and for further tips on moving marketing into the boardroom read Adam’s article on TFM&A Insights.

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