On overlooked topic after every CRM integration is complete is what field information are we letting sync between Marketo and Salesforce. By default, Salesforce Lead/Contact fields are on a level playing field with Marketo, tailoring this field based relationship between Marketo and Salesforce is critical.

Example: Pre-populating Marketo forms provides a much better user experience on websites and landing pages for customers and prospects, however should they feel the need to update or change their contact details, this would update the Salesforce record too. This could overwrite vital data used in the Sales process.

To change this:

  • Within Marketo navigate to - Admin > Field Management > Select a field > Field Actions > Block Field Updates. Using this functionality restricts the overwriting of specific fields from particular sources.

Marketo block field updates

  • Check the various Input Sources to block those updates:


Marketo block field updates