When analysing campaign reports, you may come across abnormal email activity. Even though this may be genuine, from time to time this may be because of threat protection software.

These false activities may not just affect lead scoring and lead management, they could provide sales insight on false positives too.

Threat protection software is a centrally managed tool that protects users against spear-phishing and targeted email attacks, minimising risk to viruses and hackers.

How does this affect your Marketo email sends?

One method of threat protection is the validation and clearing of email links.Here are two similar activity types which may have resulted from threat protection software:

  • On every occasion a recipient receives an email every single link is clicked within the same minute.
  • Consistent pattern of records where the only activity is receiving, opening and clicking the first link within the email.

The possible risk to this type of false email clicking activity is unintentional unsubscribes.

If an email contains a ‘one click unsubscribe’, then unknowingly it could be clicked by threat protection software.

A possible remedy is to replace the unsubscribe link with a link to a preference centre, meaning records are not unintentionally unsubscribed.

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