It is important for any marketing automation platform to be able to provide its customers the ability to perform multiple sends that are unique to the product team or region who are delivering the message. A gap in this for Pardot has always been the capability to easily switch tracker domain, as you were previously able to create multiple tracker domains but only able to select a single primary at any one time. With this update you can now simply swap between tracker domains and choose the one most relevant for the assets you’re building.

What is a tracker domain?

A tracker domain, in short, is a variation of your own website domain.The purpose of creating a tracker domain is to provide your prospects and customers with a seamless transition between your Pardot assets and web pages (linking an email to a webpage). The visitor can trust the page because the URL will have your company name in it, instead of Pardot’s default go.pardot.

Verifying a tracker domain is important, as this allows Pardot to check you own the domain and therefore helps against spoofing and phishing.Once verified you can enable SSL which will make your forms and pages secure, also providing the visitor trust in submitting their information via a form.

Who would use multiple tracker domains?

There may be many reasons why your company would use multiple tracker domains, the main ones are:

  • If you have many products, where it is necessary to have a tracker domain for each product.
  • If your company operates more than one website, multiple tracker domains to keep your messaging consistent will be important.
  • Enterprise companies comprised of multiple subsidiaries would benefit from multiple tracker domains.
  • If your company operates in multiple regions and you have a different domain per region.
How will the multiple tracker domains update benefit me?

This update will provide you with the ability to send personalised messages at a scale simultaneously for multiple products, regions and websites from a single Pardot platform. This will keep the trust of your customers as they navigate from email to landing page to website and will ultimately increase lead creation and opportunities.