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Marketing Automation is a rapidly growing area in the digital marketing industry. Unlike wider digital marketing skills such as SEO, PPC and CRM, Marketing Automation is still relatively new. Skills take time to develop and, in today's market, specialists can be hard to find. There is an ongoing War for Talent and quality skills are few and far between – one of our clients here at CleverTouch interviewed over 40 candidates for a Marketing Automation specialist and didn’t hire one!

This is an extreme example, granted, but not all Marketing Automation experts are what they promote themselves to be. Hiring an Automobile Specialist in Marketing Automation clothing might be a little extreme, but you get the idea.

So, with a skills shortage across the industry, what are your options?

  • Level Up your team’s skills and training capabilities to deliver marketing technology projects in-house.
  • Invest in tools which simplify marketing technology, such as CleverTouch’s Momentum.
  • Seek a complementary marketing technology service delivery partner to support your campaign execution the way the business needs, rather than waiting to develop key skills.

Here's an extra tip. If you are looking to hire a Marketing Automation consultancy to help support your ambitions, make sure you find a partner that also runs Marketing Automation themselves. Ghostery, Builtwith, Datanyze all provide Chrome plugins that highlight the marketing technology that partner is running on their own website to help you source the best partner to work with.

If you choose to Level Up your own in-house skills, ensure that your staff are being trained by specialists who are familiar with the platforms and work with them day in, day out. CleverTouch have developed the Level Up programme to help your marketers become certified experts.

Whichever route you decide to take, the war for talent is real, and so you will need to find a Marketing Automation consultancy that are genuine experts.We have a combined experience of over 250 years working in Marketing Automation. Take a look at our guide to maximising Marketing Automation resource and output to find out more.

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