Many factors contribute to a business' success or failure; however, one resource that can have a dramatic effect on sales and marketing is a company’s contact database.

CrowdVu, a spin-out from the CleverTouch Group, understands this and knows that all a true marketer really wants is a database full of highly-targeted, opted-in prospects. Having such a resource enables both sales and marketing teams to contact potential contacts with a high level of accuracy, therefore increased engagement and ROI.

CrowdVu is a marketing intelligence platform, featuring persona-based segmentation and targeting. It is powered by a unique contact matching engine, enabling the creation of databases with rich and targeted contacts. It enables marketers to identify prospects by persona, as they’re searchable by both traditional contact and company fields, as well as via social topics, interests and influence.

CrowdVu has several impressive features, but to discover why it should be in any marketing toolbox this year read five reasons why CrowdVu should be in your marketing tool kit in 2014.