No doubt some of your content is too good to share without asking for something in return.

Often content that is gated is held on a thank you page, shown after a form is submitted. Should an individual get through the form to the thank you content, they are able to share that link to anybody they choose.

As you are unable to identify these unknown visitors, you are potentially missing out on valuable insight. This is where a bit of clever JavaScript can be very useful.

With JavaScript we can monitor when visitors are unknown or those that have an associated Marketo record. If the record is unknown, the page will automatically re-direct back to the landing page with a form. Not until the form is submitted will they be able to see the thank you content.

There is no need to apply this to the template, it can be added within the landing page editor under ‘Custom HEAD HTML’.


Marketo | Edit Page Meta Tags


Remember that when a landing page is copied, the JavaScript within the ‘Custom HEAD HTML’ will also be carried across.

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