Marketing technology for inbound marketing

It is likely that data compliance and regulation such as GDPR and ePrivacy have had a sizeable affect on your marketable database. For that reason, marketers need to ensure they're optimising their inbound strategy through marketing technology without over relying on just outbound email communication. 

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Marketers looking to improve their inbound strategy are often doing so because of the following challenges:

  • An over-reliance on just a few channels, especially email marketing
  • Marketable database significantly reduced as a result of GDPR and other data regulations

How we help

Our senior marketing consultants will help you strategically incorporate multiple channels into your inbound activity, utilising marketing technology to capture data and build an effective engagement strategy. 

This includes what content should be used and where, and the most successful way to generate inbound engagement based on your audience and their position in the customer lifecycle.

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