Today at their Seismic Shift Conference near San Diego, CleverTouch partners Seismic - the industry's leading sales enablement solution, announced that they have acquired Percolate - the leading enterprise marketing campaign orchestration and content management platform.

CleverTouch Consulting recently became the only organisation in Europe to strategically partner with both platforms, and as such we think the acquisition makes perfect sense. Marketing leaders will now have a true strategic content marketing platform to further drive the alignment of Sales and Marketing end-to-end.

We are excited to see the emergence of a new major player with global ambitions in the Martech space, with revenues significantly in excess of $100m turnover and what will be a sizeable combined workforce in excess of 800 people across 12 offices. Founded in 2011, Percolate has quickly grown into one of the leaders in the enterprise content marketing space with customers that span both business and consumer brands. Similarly, Seismic were founded 9 years ago and have expanded rapidly, with offices in North America, Europe and Australia.

With this acquisition, Seismic is expanding its offerings to become more than a sales enablement platform. It already offered content asset management capabilities, but these will now be able to be streamlined to give its customer base access to content planning and implementation tools across the entire customer journey on multiple distribution channels including email and social.

The combination of these two key elements in the martech stack will, for the first time, result in a true strategic content marketing platform that enables marketing leaders to have full control to align and personalise their content at every customer touchpoint their brand has.

Will we now see more tactical ABM technology being displaced in the enterprise by this true strategic alignment of sales enablement and content management? Time will tell, but as a partner to both platforms we welcome this news and look forward to seeing how it will improve marketing leaders in the enterprise.