"We can attribute this sales revenue... to this marketing activity?" How often can you honestly say that?

Much of the tension between Sales and Marketing is a result of one of two things: incomplete information being shared between departments or a failing (or non-existent) attribution model.

When it comes to your own sales and marketing reporting, how much is real insight and intelligence and how much is casual conversation and gut instinct?

In this always-on, digital world our ability to capture data is immense. We are so good at capturing and storing it that we are drowning in the stuff - the real problem is a shortage of skills with which to harness, analyse and interpret it. There's little choice but to rely on casual conversations, anecdotal insight and incomplete information.

With the technology available today, it shouldn’t be like that. Intelligence and insight should be served up by your platforms like your favourite dish - when you want it and in a format that is easy and enjoyable to digest.

To help discover what is really possible and palatable in the world of business intelligence and insight, join us at our next event where you'll hear from Industry leading thinkers and real practitioners on how to best ‘Reinvent the Relationship’ between Sales and Marketing.

This session will be delivered by real business people offering real business approaches to help you drive smarter intelligence and reporting through your MarTech stack.

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