In the Marketo Winter Q1 2018 release there has been a major update to the Recipient Time Zone functionality, providing you with more flexibility when targeting many time zones using the Email Program.

Let’s say you have a scheduled delivery time within the next 25 hours. You may have people in your Smart List who live in time zones where the scheduled time has already passed. In this scenario, Marketo will allow you to choose what happens to this subset of records. Click the gear icon next to Recipient Time Zone in the Schedule tile of the email program initially:


Clevertouch | Recipient Time Zone Scenarios in Marketo


Then you are provided with two options:


Clevertouch | Recipient Time Zone Scenarios in Marketo


If you approve an email program with Recipient Time Zone enabled and a scheduled delivery time that's more than 25 hours in the future, the program will start running at the scheduled time in the earliest time zone in the world.

Should you have the need to cancel any remaining sends for an active Email Program that’s sending across multiple time zones, it’s now possible via the ‘Abort Program’ button.