Did you know Pardot’s own Site Search Functionality is soon being removed as a feature?

Don’t worry though, there are alternatives such as Google Site Search which you’ll still be able to integrate with Pardot.

Integrating with Google Site Search will give you access to reporting on queries, because you want to know exactly what your prospect’s are searching for and potential buying signals. For example, a prospect searching on your site for "pricing" could be a key signal of their intent to purchase.

There are three stages to integrating Google Site Search:

  • Create your Google search engine
  • Add a site search in Pardot by visting: Marketing -> Site Search -> Add Site Search
  • Add the provided search box code onto your website

Once set-up you can report on the search queries directly inside Pardot, giving you access to powerful insight into prospect behaviour.

We can guide you through each stage and involve the right people to get you on the road to tracking your prospects even further. If you require any support with Pardot or Marketing Automation best practice, we'd love to hear from you.