On the 13th Feb CleverTouch Consulting held a Marketo workshop focusing on the two areas that many Marketers struggle with - Lead Management and Scoring.  These topics were twofold, initially focusing on the theory then demonstrating the approach, implementation and management from a technical perspective.

The day was hosted by Roz Smith one of our resident Marketing Consultants and Marketo Certified Expert; Matt Cheeseman, Marketing Manager at CleverTouch, and myself, self-confessed techy (Technical Solutions) and Marketo Certified Solutions Architect.

The attendees were a real mixture of seasoned Marketers and Data/Marketing Operations teams. The wide variety of skill sets and backgrounds meant attendees could focus on the common issues experienced day-to-day as well as their individual aspirations using the technology.

The first half of the day was focused on the theoretical side of Marketing Automation adoption, business process and change management. It enabled individuals to get to grips with understanding the journey and process, and understand the challenges and opportunities presented by others in the group.

The second half of the day focused on the platform, in this case, Marketo. Two Lead Management models were constructed as examples for the group, one funnel built on a simplistic lead management process and a second advanced model focusing on the ability to manage funnel detours, recycling and detailed funnel reporting. This technical presentation enabled us to translate the designed approach and develop it into a clear tangible outcome of a constructed process in Marketo.

At the end of the day, everyone took away a clearer understanding of their sales funnel, lead scoring and actionable 'next steps' plan.

Our next workshop is on the 1st May focusing on Lead Management for Pardot. For more information, please get in touch or email us at events@clever-touch.com.