Pardot has recently released an exciting update to the Engagement Studio that allows Program Locking and Versioning.

What do these updates mean for you and your teams?

 Program Locking is pretty straight forward and does exactly what it sounds like it should. Just like the recent email editing update, only one user can now edit a Program at one time, meaning if you previously had multiple users editing programs, you’ll no longer have conflicts or potential edits being lost or overwritten.

With Versioning, you’ll now be able to gain a greater understanding of the impact the changes you made to your program. You can now edit your existing programs; whether that’s updating a step, fixing mistakes or changing content based on performance results. These changes will now be recorded in the new Activity Log.

Any changes will be logged as a new version with a unique name showing the time the Program was paused and started again.

Reporting is also improved from the update as now you’ll be able to select specific version stats via a drop-down on the report card for each step. This will give you further insight into the impact the edits have made to the Program and your overall marketing efforts.