As you may be aware there are a lot of popular email security programs that will click all the links in an email to check that an email is safe before delivering it to a recipient's inbox. These phantom clicks will skew click-through rates and increase prospect scores, impacting Engagement Studio program paths and will also unsubscribe prospects.

Pardot have made two recent changes to address the issue:

  1. Pardot have added visitor filters for the most common security scanners to ALL Pardot accounts on 12/11/2018. Any new activities from those scanners will be filtered out so Pardot will not count those link clicks or execute score increases or trigger completion actions from them.
  2. Pardot have also updated the header list-unsubscribe link to use the latest specification for list-unsubscribe headers so that scanner clicks cannot successfully unsubscribe prospects. This only applies for the header link and we would still recommend that customers use the Email Preference Centre (rather than the plain unsubscribe link) in the email body.

Pardot Account Engagement Visitors list screenshot