Page actions are completion actions that are triggered when a prospect views a page. By default, Pardot applies a lead score to prospects who view your pages, but if you value certain pages more than others, you can apply page actions to notify a user or adjust a score more significantly.

A good example for using a page action is if you have a pricing page. If someone visits the pricing page and you see that as a buying signal, we can let an assigned user know so they can get in touch direct.

If you want to score multiple pages differently to the default score, you can add a wildcard to the page action URL. As an example, if all our training content is under “ ng/” I can add a star to the end of the URL. Now any prospect that visits the training portal will get the completion action applied to them without creating multiple page actions.


Create Page Action

It is worth noting that you can only apply page actions to pages that contains your Pardot tracking code.