A common mistake made on Marketo is the understanding and management of the relationship between Marketo Smart Campaigns and Programs. Smart Campaigns do play an integral part of managing touchpoints within a program workflow, however it’s important to bear in mind they are also independent objects when managing things such as removals and exclusions.

2 top tips to remember:

  • On demand removal of records from a program and its components.

When a program has numerous active Smart Campaigns with multiple flow steps, the removal process must cover both the Smart Campaign AND the program. Just removing records from the program will not remove records from existing active Smart Campaigns. 


  • Exclusion of certain records from Smart Campaigns.

Needing to exclude records in campaigns is common practice. Creating a single Smart Campaign to remove records from other Smart Campaigns ensures the selected records are removed without affecting other records within the flow. This way you do not interrupt the structure and flow of the overall Program.