So, you’d think having worked in Sales in my previous role and meeting various different customers in Central London would have prepared me enough to know roughly what to expect when attending a CleverTouch hosted event. Well you are half right….

I boarded the 06:30am train from Southampton Central to London Waterloo, a little bleary-eyed, but excited to be attending today’s event.

Now, I have been through London on a weekday morning, but never the likes of 9-10am, so getting through London during rush hour was a bit of experience. The phrase ‘rat-race’ and the word ‘robotic’ really sprang to mind as I joined in the queue to board a Waterloo and City line from Waterloo to Bank.

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the level of ‘awe’ I get from walking amongst those skyrises and fancy buildings, I guess I always feel ever so slightly out of place when I go there, perhaps its all the suits!

Arriving at SalesForce Towers, we managed to get acquainted with our co-hosts and settled into the room we would be based in for the morning.

The first impression of the room we were in – “WOW! Look at that view!” I was at eye-level with the Gherkin! Can’t beat that for 8:15am on a Thursday morning!

Before long, our guests arrived and were well refreshed with breakfast (and the all-important coffee) and it was time to begin the presentation “The Re-alignment of Sales and Marketing in the Financial Services industry”.

First up, was our very own Ben Robinson to set the agenda for the day and introduce CleverTouch Consulting to the guests around the room.  Then it was time for our Key Note Speaker Phil Ball to discuss the topic further and explain what CleverTouch can do to assist with the process of re-aligning Sales and Marketing.  For someone who is new to CleverTouch, and still very much in ‘training mode’ listening to both Ben and Phil has been a fantastic way to learn more about CleverTouch and the services we offer.

After a quick refuel we were back to it, and it was the turn of one of our customers to provide the group with a live case study of how they have been successful in re-aligning their Sales and Marketing departments through deploying Marketing Automation (in this case Pardot).

The event finished off with time for questions from the guests aimed at both our hosts and speaking panel, which proved to be very interesting indeed.

So that was it, my first event with CleverTouch completed! Here’s to the next event on 30th October!