The day has finally come and you’re ready to launch your new marketing technology platform. The data has been transferred across, you’ve migrated your best content, and your new campaign workflows are ready to go. 

Internally, you’ve briefed your sales team and - as it’s you who is overseeing the project – there are big expectations from the rest of the business to deliver positive results.

A few week’s pass by, and you’re beginning to get up to speed with your new platform. Campaigns are going out the door but you’re not seeing the results you want. Conversion rates are down, and the leads just aren’t flowing through the system. 

Beyond the data audit, content inventory and API set up, the next biggest (and often overlooked) step in ensuring your migration, is the successful building up of your reputation as a new email sender. 

This is where IP warming comes in. 

What is IP warming?  

IP warming is the process taken to improve your reputation as an email sender, and your best chance of avoiding the spam folder and improving email deliverability in your new platform. It is a process that is normally undertaken when you’re migrating Email Service Provider, or you’re just starting out with email marketing.

It is highly recommended that you complete an IP warming process if your subscriber list is higher than 50K.

When it comes to IP warming, there are several steps to take to ensure you positively affect your sender reputation. These include: 

  • Ensuring you start out sending to a highly engaged list.
  • Sending relevant emails to subscribers who have opted-in to receive them.
  • Gradually increasing your sender volume over time.

If you start sending high volumes from your new platform on day one, you risk hitting spam filters. However, if you get IP warming right, you can expect better engagement, higher conversion rates and an overall better consumer experience, all while avoiding the spam filter. 

Leave it to the experts

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