CleverTouch are excited to be attending and speaking at the first B2B Marketing 'Get Stacked' MarTech conference, taking place Thursday 21st March in London.

Along with other established industry-leaders, our CEO & Co-Founder, Adam Sharp will be presenting his take on 'Why you need to build a strong spine before you think of getting stacked.'

With the distraction and noise coming out of the 8,000+ marketing technology vendors along with that infamous “marketing technology infographic”, senior marketers are continually being influenced to implement more and more marketing technology.

Much like headache tablets, more is supposed to help, but in fact is making things much worse. Too many organisations have over implemented marketing technology to the point of internal chaos and confusion. Few have taken the time to focus on building a strong and integrated marketing technology spine first.

Adam's talk, taking place at 12.40 pm in the Advanced Stream, will provide insights and learnings from the best- and worst-case examples CleverTouch Consulting has seen in over 400 clients, showing you:

  • How to build an effective marketing technology spine before you think of getting stacked.
  • The warning signs that you may have over-invested in marketing technology and under-invested in the resource to make it work.
  • The strategic imperatives that your CEO is looking for from marketing, not necessarily just the implementation of more marketing technology.
  • How a global enterprise implemented and optimised their marketing technology spine and how you can too.
  • Examples of skills and organisational structures to make Marketing Technology effective.

For more information, or to book a meeting with us at the event, please get in touch.