A significant Marketo feature change is coming at the end of April.

We have just been made aware of a Marketo platform change coming in April which could impact your data capture and form pre-fill set up. The full details are below, however, if you would like to speak to one of our certified solutions experts, please drop us an email at solutions@clever-touch.com.

What is changing?

Marketo has always provided the ability to enable pre-population of data in forms. This meant anyone who submitted a form previously – regardless of where they accessed it  – wouldn’t have to add their details again, as Marketo would pre-fill their data from their existing record.

However, from the 24th April (UK) and 26th April (remaining customers) Marketo forms will only pre-populate when the user visits a tracked page from clicking a link in a Marketo email.

Marketo will no longer rely on Munchkin tracking cookies to pre-populate forms and maintain the pre-population functionality. Pre-fill will only occur when visiting a Marketo page hosted form where the URL contains the 'mkt_tok' query parameter, this will most likely be from emails.

So why is this change being made to all Marketo customers?

Well it’s primarily for three reasons, security, privacy and consistency of customer experience. The cookie contains an ID which Marketo uses to identify and fetch data. It's not that Marketo are no longer using cookies, however there is an extra check for the URL parameter to have better assurance the visitor is verified.For example, people using a shared computer or those who have may have been cookied incorrectly by clicking a forwarded email, could end up viewing incorrect data associated with a different person.From a marketing perspective, it can potentially disrupt your segmentation strategy, workflows and personalisation efforts too.It is important to think about your current processes at this time, do you have any dependencies on pre-population? A good starting point to think about would be:

  • Inbound forms, forms on landing pages
  • Preference centre processes
  • Multi step user journeys
What to do next?

If you have any concerns regarding the above, or you believe your existing processes could be affected by this change, please get in touch with us at solutions@clever-touch.com.