In June 2016 Marketo began rolling out their much-improved Email Editor 2.0 which saw the advent of modular email creation on Marketo. This allows users to create flexible, fully responsive email assets from templates using the new functionality. Modules can be drag and dropped in to their desired location on the email, repeated multiple times and moved as required. This level of flexibility is great for creating reusable templates and is particularly beneficial for organisations producing and sending out regular newsletters.

However, currently we are only seeing a small number of marketers switching on and enabling this powerful new functionality. If you require any support and guidance for turning on the Email Editor 2.0 don’t hesitate to get in touch.

More recently, Marketo have made further improvements to the modular functionality. Previously if you used a variable in a module, all instances of the module used in the email will share the same value. For example, if you wanted to use a colour variable in your module, but wanted to set a different colour value for each instance of the module this wasn’t previously possible. However, it is now possible to set variables to be local to the module. Meaning that a different value can be set per instance of the module. This adds to the continued flexibility that Marketo is offering in its recent and upcoming releases.