The world of consent and compliance can be a minefield for marketers.

Marketing departments are expected to meet the needs and expectations of global privacy laws, like the GDPR, while also supporting company policy and data protection teams. This can often lead to confusing guidance to follow and misaligned processes. And that's no surprise - most of these privacy laws have significant grey areas when it comes to marketing and communication.

Many B2B organisations have confidence that 'legitimate interest' will get them out of hot water, and largely, they are right. Building out a compliance system in your Marketing Automation tool for both Consent and Legitimate Interest should be on the radar for all B2B organisations, no matter the size.

On Tuesday 12th March 2024, Mark Pearson, our Head of Consultancy, shared his expertise in a webinar on the importance of consent and the intricacies of legitimate interest. 

In this session, Mark discusses:

Implications for not getting it right 

The impact of not getting it right across the entire organisation, and the lesser known impact on internal resources when handling a compliant. 

Common terminology; busting the jargon 

What are the common consent and compliance terms and what do they mean?

What is Consent and when do we need to get it? 

What's the difference between consent and legitimate interest? How do we apply each to our communications strategy? 

⭕ The ins and outs of legitimate interest

Legitimate interest is often used as a get-out rule for many B2B organisations, but is this legally or morally the right thing to do?  

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We had over 40 marketers join us for a session to brush-up on their consent terminology to ensure their compliance processes are where they need to be. However, if you have any questions or feel that a follow-up session with Mark or another member of his team would be useful, don't hesitate to contact us! Click the button below and we'll be in touch.

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