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Consent & Compliance for B2B Marketers


The world of consent and compliance can be a minefield for marketers.

Marketing departments are expected to meet the needs and expectations of global privacy laws, like the GDPR, while also supporting company policy and data protection teams. This can often lead to confusing guidance to follow and misaligned processes. And that's no surprise - most of these privacy laws have significant grey areas when it comes to marketing and communication.

Many B2B organisations have confidence that 'legitimate interest' will get them out of hot water, and largely, they are right. Building out a compliance system in your Marketing Automation tool for both Consent and Legitimate Interest should be on the radar for all B2B organisations, no matter the size.

Watch our 30 minute webinar presented by Clevertouch's Head of Consultancy, Mark Pearson. Mark breaks down the information silos and shares his expertise on:

  • The implications for not getting it right
  • Common terminology; busting the jargon
  • What is Consent and when do we need to get it?
  • The 'ins and outs' of Legitimate Interest

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