I’m Alex, a 21 year-old student from Loughborough University and currently studying Computer Science. Originally from London, I moved to the countryside first to Loughborough and then to Alresford, Hampshire where CleverTouch Consulting is located.

I first saw CleverTouch at a job-fair stall run by a previous graduate, Andi, on the same course as me at Loughborough. Marketing automation was something I had never heard of before, but after hearing about it, I was intrigued to learn more about this small but fast expanding field in marketing technology. Andi impressed me with his story of working at CleverTouch and I quickly applied to the role of Placement Technology Developer.

‘What is marketing automation?’ is probably the main question you will ask yourself before applying at CleverTouch. It’s not yet mainstream and for this reason there are lots of opportunities to gain knowledge not widely known. The answer to the question above is essentially using software in order to help automate marketing tasks and make marketing more successful.

I have developed many skills from working here, none more important than the marketing automation platforms you will be using on a day-to-day basis. CleverTouch focuses on three main platforms; Oracle Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce Pardot. As a placement student CleverTouch make sure you end up being a certified expert in two of these three. I myself am now certified in Eloqua and Pardot.

The biggest achievement of my time here at CleverTouch is winning the ‘Genius Award’ twice. This award, given every few months, is awarded to those who have shown initiative and produced client work to an outstanding standard. Along with the ‘Einstein’ desk model and Amazon voucher, the feeling that your work is being appreciated due to a high standard of quality is a brilliant accomplishment.

As a placement student working in a small company, you are expected to do just as much as a regular employee. As such, I worked on some of the biggest and most important clients at CleverTouch. These include VMware, PayPal, Orange Business Services, American Express and Eaton. Working with such big clients requires a team effort and you will be required to work not only within your team but other teams across CleverTouch to ensure a happy customer. We’ve had testimonials from clients in the past about our great work, which can be seen on our website!

CleverTouch is not only about work though. There are certain initiatives which helps keep the balance between work and play in check. To name a few, we have ‘Cake Tuesday’, which is where the whole company gathers in the café to discuss the latest happenings in the business, and you guessed it, eat cake! We also have ‘Pizza days’ where, after achievement or hard-work, the company is treated with a pizza lunch – and sandwiches for the non-pizza lovers.

It’s not all food based though. We have the CleverTouch Football Team – The CleverTouch Commandos. This is without doubt the best out-of-work activity in my opinion; that’s if you enjoy playing football... We play every week against local teams and it is a great way to let off some steam after a hard days’ work. I’ve learnt so much in my year here at CleverTouch and I definitely feel as though I have been a valuable member of the team.

As for me, my placement is at an end and I’m going back to university for my final year, but CleverTouch have made me an offer upon graduation should I wish to return. I highly recommend the Placement Technology Developer role here at CleverTouch.