With GDPR now only seven months away, CleverTouch Consulting has committed itself to expanding its Insight & Analytics team to support customer data requirements.

Healthy data is at the heart of all successful marketing automation strategies that the CleverTouch team has worked on. Without quality data, it’s impossible for marketers to apply the three key principle tenants of marketing: segmentation, targeting and positioning.

With GDPR on the horizon, marketers will also need to comply to these new GDPR regulations by May of next year. This requires an understanding of which contacts have opted-in, documentation as to when and how they opted-in, and a supporting data governance strategy to ensure that they maintain this ongoing compliance.

However, this new legislation is alongside the day-to-day business reports that marketers continue to provide the business. These reports look at insight such as the campaigns that are performing the best, the marketing initiatives that have the greatest impact on sales, the overall performance of the business, and the marketing funnel.

Marketers are using these reports to build up an overall understanding of marketing’s impact on the business and the bottom line. CleverTouch has been creating and developing marketing dashboards that show a monthly, weekly or even daily update on the impact marketing is having on customer engagement, sales revenue and the overall profitability of an organisation.

Data visualisation tools such as Power BI and Tableau are quickly able to translate data into meaningful insight, displaying an easy to understand dashboard that can be updated in real time. This quickly visualises marketing’s performance, tracks marketing KPIs and provides an overview of the health of the business funnel. It’s unsurprising that these tools are in demand from Senior marketers and the c-suite.

Businesses are continuing to look to marketers to gain a greater customer insight, so CleverTouch is committed to increasing its commitment of supporting marketers with industry leading insight and analytics knowledge.

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