The July release for Momentum introduces Custom Approval Workflows and also improves existing features such as providing visibility of an email or landing page build's amends directly within the editor.

Custom Approval Workflows

Designed for marketing departments operating within a strict approval process and for those that require multiple stakeholders to sign-off an email or landing page asset in a logical order. This is ideal for organisations with strict regulation and compliance being a key part of the marketing orchestration process, but also for any marketing department that requires multiple levels of approval such as from a central brand team or legal. 

An approval workflow allows you to design a custom path for an email or page's journey to approval. Approval workflows are defined per team, with the ability for pages and emails to either have a unique or shared flow, providing you a high level of control over who can approve each type of build and at which stage of the process.

Momentum from Clevertouch. Introducing Custom Approval Workflows

When configuring each approval step, you can define the step name, the number of approvals/rejections needed, which team members can approve at each stage and the behaviour upon rejection/acceptance.

When creating a build within a Team that includes a custom approval workflow, users will be able to see all steps their build will have to go through before being approved. Each step will list any approvers who have rejected or signed-off on the asset at each stage.

Momentum from Clevertouch. Introducing Custom Approval Workflows

This new feature ensures that your business process can be built-into and considered as part of Momentum's approval flow, in a user-friendly and intuitive manner.

Template Listing Improvements

We've improved the details around template cards within Momentum. These now show both the created and updated dates in addition to the total number of teams that are able to use the template. Hovering over the team count will list all the teams using that template.

Momentum from Clevertouch. Template Listing Improvements

The templates list view now has more intuative filtering options in addition to a new search bar to quickly filter by template name.

See Amends within the Editor

To streamline the process of addressing amends, we have made the amends accessible within the editor itself. You can update, comment and mark amends as complete all from within the editor. The amends box can be shown by clicking the new amends button at the top of the editor.

Momentum from Clevertouch. See Amends within the Editor

Template Validation Enhancements

The template validation system, which checks page and email templates for a range of possible issues upon saving, now performs some additional checks:

  • Check that the is-editable tag is not used on an img element.

Failing the above validation will show a warning while still allowing the template to be saved.

Deprecation of Internet Explorer 11 Support

In a future release of Momentum we will be removing support for Internet Explorer. This will help ensure that Momentum is able to use the latest in security and web technologies. Those that access Momentum using Internet Explorer will now see a prompt advising the use of a more modern browser.

We'd recommend using an up-to-date browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.


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