Love it or Loathe it: Insight from the State of Martech 2024

Despite martech’s demonstrable business benefits, the perception of its value between platform owners and wider stakeholders has been a bone of contention in years gone by.

However, the results from this year are majorly positive. They demonstrate that both CMOs and businesses are clearly loving martech: they are seeing the technology’s value, and not just in more revenue, but in efficiency, scale, ROI, and also in the customer experience.

This is a massive improvement on a few years ago, when as many as 30% were struggling with the deployment and investment justification; it suggests a wholesale change in vision, ambition and adoption.

Of the respondents surveyed, 57% identified themselves as a platform owner for any martech in their organisation, with the rest wider marketing and business stakeholders.

Whether they’re platform owners or not, the perception of martech by both groups was – on the whole – unanimously positive. A substantial majority of respondents said their platform owners (93%) have a positive (52%) or very positive (41%) view of martech. Similarly, when referring to wider marketing and business stakeholders, those surveyed also declared they exhibit a predominantly positive (54%) or very positive (36%) attitude towards martech and its ability to deliver value.

We asked both platform owners and wider stakeholders a series of questions assessing the benefits of martech adoption and its ability to help increase internal efficiency, improve the customer experience and provide demonstrable ROI. The responses show a consensus in recognising these key benefits - download the report to see the breakdown of results.

What does this mean for your martech strategy, and what does it mean for the market?

Access the report to find out and learn how marketing leaders are implementing, integrating and investing in martech.

Our aim is that the research will help you to: 

  • Make the right, sustainable decisions in challenging, fast-moving times;  
  • Build integrated martech approaches and a simpler Martech Spine©;
  • Champion martech within your organisation;
  • And show how it demonstrates business impact

About the State of Martech research

Now in its fifth year, The State of Martech research is still the only dedicated study into the Martech industry that is carried out in partnership between a commercial practioner, Clevertouch Consulting, and an academic research body, the University of Southampton Business School, for increased reliability and validity in both design and insights.