Oracle and Demandbase have announced a joint venture of Account Based Marketing Automation – a solution for account-specific campaigns directly in Eloqua.

In a poll by SiriusDecisions in April 2015, 92% of B2B marketers worldwide said ABM was “extremely” or “very” important to their overall marketing efforts. The announcement from Demandbase and Oracle will delight B2B marketers who are moving their outbound marketing activity away from a contact-led, to a more Account-Based approach.

1. Improved Customer Experience.

Marketers will be forced to clean databases and standardise Account names to eliminate variations, i.e. “CleverTouch Consulting” and “CleverTouch Consulting Limited”. Marketing databases with non-standardised Account names cause problems with a disjointed customer experience - for example - contacts at the same organisation (perhaps even colleagues sitting next to each other!) receiving different marketing communications. Contacts grouped to a standardised parent Account will improve the customer experience through a more relevant journey for all contacts within that Account.

2. Sales and Marketing Alignment.

In the new age of marketing, organisations with greater sales and marketing alignment will be the most successful in attracting and retaining customers. Account Based Marketing Automation brings sales and marketing together as they align their strategy around the same specific accounts. The ability to extend lead score to an Account Score provides marketing and sales insight on the most engaged accounts for prioritisation.

3. Marketing Attribution and ROI

Somewhat a paradox, with marketing technology exploding in recent years, marketers have more ability than ever to track digital touchpoints. But with more digital platforms, channels and devices for users to interact with, marketing attribution has never been so complicated. And let’s not forget human interaction, the activity that happens offline between colleagues within an Account. Although analysing reports of ‘possible forwards’ activity may provide some insight,  it’s impossible for marketers to accurately track this.

Account Based Marketing Automation can help - for example - if an unknown contact at an Account requests a product demo or registers for a webinar on the back of an email to that target Account, you can be pretty certain internal Account activity has driven that contact to engage with your brand.

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