Try our Marketing Automation readiness assessment test.

According to Focus Research, more than 50% of Marketing Automation (MA) users are not getting full value of their platform. However with 84% of top performing companies already using or planning to start using MA (Gleanster), CMOs clearly believe that this is central to the organisations future success.

In those unsuccessful deployments, it is not so much the technology itself, that fails or underwhelms; but the way it is deployed and by whom.

One of the key influences for a successful MA deployment is having the right person to drive it. Energy and vision are important but other attributes help too.

With this in mind, we have designed a simple psychometric test to help you decide are you the right person to drive the implementation or to deliver it. Having worked with some of the most ambitious marketers around, this is based on our experience of over 300 client engagements and counting.

Simply complete the 15 questions as quickly as you can. No dwelling on a question, as your first answer is usually the most relevant. We’ll then give you some recommendations to point you in the right direction.

It is fun, there is no right or wrong answer and we can guarantee you’ll learn more about yourself in the context of a successful MA so give it a go today.