Did you know that to have 60 percent of your marketing database opted in you would have needed to have sent each contact up to 46 opt-in emails!? And this assumes a typical 2% opt-in rate from each email… This is a scary thought as there are only 21 weeks in 2018 before we reach the dreaded 25th of May deadline. So, what can we do to improve this slightly distressing scenario?

Well firstly we shouldn’t be starting from scratch. Hopefully you do already have some contacts opted-in in a GDPR compliant format. Secondly, don’t just rely on outbound emails to opt-in your legacy data. Other parts of the organisation such as Sales, Telemarketing or even Partners can do their bit using their own communication channels. The key to having a successful opt-in process is to take a holistic approach by defining a single process across the organisation that systematically opts everyone in on the same terms.

So here are my three key points to driving a successful opt-in process for your existing dataset:

  • Make sure that you have a GDPR compliant opt-in process including Data Privacy statements, and ideally a preference centre to aid the required opt-out process.
  • Ensure that your forthcoming campaigns have a broad reach so that they incorporate as much of your existing dataset as possible. If you need to prioritise, choose the campaigns with the largest reach.
  • Make sure you have allocated enough budget and resource to support these tasks. Opt-in campaigns can and should run within your existing outbound marketing activity, but the numbers suggest that you need to run more campaigns more quickly in order to reach your opt-in targets.