At the Marketo Summit conference in San Francisco last week, we were amazed at the amount of coverage and hype around GDPR from all the sponsors and affiliate brands.

It is as if the US has just suddenly woken up to what the GDPR framework is and why, even if they haven’t really discovered the how? By this we mean the how to interpret GDPR.

Ironically we need to thank the soon to be defunct Cambridge Analytica for this sudden mind share. Because of CA (and of course Facebook), now suddenly everyone in the US is aware of the impact of GDPR on their business and their customers.

Organisation are waking up to the fact that individuals do care what information is held on them, why and by whom.

With all the MarTech vendors promoting it, perhaps after the hype it might actually lead to better and more responsible marketing. GDPR is really a framework for interpretation and adoption in a buyer controlled world. 

For more information on how to properly prepare for GDPR in the context of better Marketing and Sales, please sneak a peek at our 16 GDPR tips. According to Carissa Russell, Marketo Technologist at Current, powered by GE "this is an awesome GDPR tipsheet"... as Brits we agree... it is a jolly fine piece of work.