Marketo Personalisation Masterclass

Free to attend
Adobe CEC, 13th Floor, White Collar Factory, London

Join us and Adobe on Tuesday 13th February for the Marketo Personalisation Masterclass – an opportunity to supercharge your personalisation skills in Marketo with insights from platform experts.

We'll take you through three power-packed sessions led by Jamie Burrell, Clevertouch's Chief Strategy Officer, and Alec Weekes, Clevertouch’s Head of Development.

At this exclusive event at Adobe's Customer Experience Centre at the White Collar Factory in Shoreditch, London, we’ll explore together how you can utilise different functionality of the Marketo platform to take your personalisation skills to the next level:

  • Marketo Professional Track: How to craft personalised customer journeys with Dynamic Chat. [40 minutes + Q+A]
  • Marketo Expert Track: Explore the use of velocity scripts to create personalised experiences based on customer purchase history. [40 minutes + Q+A]
  • Marketo Master Track: How to integrate new channels seamlessly with self-service flow steps. [40 minutes + Q+A]

You will also have the opportunity to meet and network with other Marketo marketers, as well as catch up with the Clevertouch and Adobe teams.

Having designed and supported numerous personalisation strategies for enterprise clients across the globe, Jamie and Alec will share insights, practical tips and strategies to elevate your personalisation game!

Secure your spot now for a day of learning, networking, and unlocking the full potential of Marketo for personalised marketing success! Contact for more information about the day, or register at the link below to secure your seat.