Oracle have posted some updates to the phasing out plans for the classic Eloqua editors.

Sunset of Classic Design Editors

As of the Eloqua 19C release, all pre-existing emails and landing pages built in the classic editor are now in view-only mode. They will still function in campaigns and forms etc.

Classic Form Editor

As of the 20A release (due in Feb 2020) it will no longer be possible to create forms in the classic form editor. Eloqua’s new Form Design Editor should be used for all new forms going forward.

The ability to copy classic forms will be removed in the 20A release too. Editing classic forms will be restricted – Oracle are to provide more information on this closer to the time. However Classic forms will continue to function and submit data to Eloqua wherever they are hosted.

This still means that before the 20A release it is highly recommended to use the Save As feature to save classic forms as new Design Editor forms. This should give you enough time to convert classic forms that are still in use.

Copying a classic form creates another classic form. However, using Save As creates a new Design Editor form, as shown below:


Eloqua Classic Form Editor