The myth that you can’t perform an A/B test in Pardot Engagement Studio has been crushed. In a few simple steps you can execute an AB test in Engagement studio.
Here's how:


Create a dynamic list to pull in all your Prospects you want in this program. If you have static lists, you can use these as a rule in your dynamic list.

Once you have sorted  your rules and run the list. In the top right you will notice a ‘Split’ button.

AB Tests in Pardot Engagement Studio

For this test, I have used 10% of my data so I want 90% to receive the winner.


Engagement studio set up 

Now that we have sorted our lists, we can create our Engagement Studio. The recipient list will be our Dynamic list we created.

AB Tests in Pardot Engagement Studio

The above screen shot of an engagement studio will show you what it could look like, if it was a one-off send. You could continue the journey for prospects if you wished.

The first rule is checking to see if they are in our test list one, if yes they get our test email template 1. No, we then ask if they are in our test list 2.

If Yes we send them our test email 2.The remainder will wait at a send step (far left hand side), which is set to to 100 days. After 7 days come back to the studio and pause it. In the reports you can check your trigger percentages to see which one has won.

Now change the email template to the winning template in our email send  and change to send immediately.

If you restart the studio 90% of your list will now get the winning template.

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