For those Marekto users that use or have used BrightTALK with Marketo, you will know that there was an integration available out of the box via LaunchPoint, like the below:



BrightTALK then released an advanced integration, making the previous integration redundant.

The configuration process to get these tools integrated is grouped into four stages which involves a detailed setup process within both BrightTALK and Marketo using the API.

On top of the new functionality available with the integration, how does the new connector differ from the old one?

  • It significantly decreases time required to manually connect data from BrightTALK to Marketo. With this advanced integration, there’s no need to create a separate event program for each webinar or wait 24 hours for data to sync.
  • The new connector syncs every 60 minutes, automatically pushing all BrightTALK data into Marketo and giving Sales teams quicker access to leads and insights to spark more productive follow-up conversations.
  • BrightTALK content is sharable and portable with embeds that can add your content to any website.


With the new integration the following functionality is now available:

  • Create new leads from your BrightTALK webinars – Records will be created within Marketo automatically should a person engage (i.e. register) for a webinar that do not currently exist within Marketo.
  • Pass new and existing leads to a Marketo program with the corresponding viewing status (Registered, Viewed Live, Viewed On-demand) within Marketo, depending upon what part of the webinar process you would like Marketo to manage.
  • Pass data points from BrightTALK reports (ex. Channel Subscriber and Webcast Viewing Reports) as custom fields on Leads.
  • Using the data passed over to Marketo you can then create Interesting Moments. This can create activities against records on their membership of a webinar.