Are you struggling to create bespoke reports from Pardot that you, the rest of Marketing and the wider business want to see? With data often across multiple reports in Pardot, acquiring the relevant information and stitching multiple CSVs together to analyse is impractical.

The Pardot Data Extractor uses Pardot’s API to extract the most comprehensive set of data - over 235 fields across 28 data tables. The data is stored in a dedicated database that can be combined with other data sources (such as Salesforce) and Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau and Power BI, to build bespoke reports and dashboards that provide a holistic overview of your marketing activity.

Here are 3 reasons you should consider the Pardot Data Extractor:
Holistic Marketing Insight and Intelligence for Sales

With the average number of technologies in an organisation’s marketing technology stack exceeding 20, there is so much data marketers have at their disposal. But with Pardot’s out of the box reports not integrating with the rest of the tech stack, Marketing Automation data is often siloed.

With the Pardot Data Extractor you can layer Pardot data with your wider marketing activity to gain insight on multi-campaign and multi-channel activity, all in one place. Understand the campaigns, channels and tactics that are really working so you can focus on those that are delivering against strategic objectives and re-allocate budget on those that aren’t achieving what you expected.The tool also enables you to combine Pardot and Salesforce data outside of the platforms to create even greater insight and intelligence for the Sales team.

Take Control of Marketing’s Contribution to the Business

By combining Pardot’s data with other technologies in the marketing technology stack, such as Salesforce, you can demonstrate Marketing’s impact on pipeline and influenced revenue.

For Marketing to demonstrate revenue there is often a prerequisite on the Sales organisation to ensure CRM data is accurate and up to date - especially Opportunities and Contact Roles to link marketing campaigns to revenue. Often Marketing aren’t in control of there own ability to demonstrate impact.

With the Pardot Data Extractor, you can build beautiful and insightful dashboards that demonstrate Marketing’s value to the wider business without necessarily needing Sales to follow a rigorous opportunity management process. Use flexible marketing attribution reports – first touch, last touch or multi-touch – to demonstrate Marketing’s contribution back to the business.

Access the Most Comprehensive Set of Pardot Data

Pardot’s out of the box reporting has 15 standard reports, which may be perfect and substantial for many marketers using Pardot. Those with B2B Marketing Analytics have a bit more flexibility by being able to extract 7 Pardot data tables.

But if you want to create bespoke reports and dashboards that create real meaningful insight, the Pardot Data Extractor provides access to over 235 fields across 28 data tables that can be exported into one database, combined with other data sources and analysed by Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau and Power BI.

Looking for inspiration on what’s possible? Take a look at some examples of dashboards and reports our clients have been able to build since using the Pardot Data Extractor.