The Marketing Cloud is quickly becoming the hot topic amongst digital marketers - are you clued up on what it is?

The Marketing Cloud is that one place where all your marketing platforms integrate to deliver a single view of the customer.

But what does this really mean? How do you get there? And what does it take to get your platforms talking seamlessly?

On April 30th at 11:00am, Stuart West of BrightTALK and Adam Sharp, CleverTouch MD, will be discussing Video, Webinar and Marketing Automation adoption; along with a key focus on bringing marketing’s favourite new techniques together.

During the session, Adam will share the processes, metrics and workflows your organisation can implement to ensure your webinar and video technology feeds your Marketing Automation efficiently and seamlessly. Join the webinar to get answers to your marketing technology integration questions and gain a real insight to CleverTouch’s Marketing Cloud thinking.

Save your seat now and we’ll see you in the virtual world.