Back in Autumn 2015, Marketo released an update to improve its functionality, including Marketo Insights for Google Chrome, Mobile Engagement and improvements in synchronisation with Microsoft Dynamics. Another update included improvements to the Marketo Rich Text Editor, which was well received among the Marketo community.

However, some of our clients are experiencing issues with emails not displaying correctly. The reason for this is that elements are now being wrapped with <p> tags. This results in default paragraph margins being added to elements in emails, meaning you may notice additional spacing when editing any particular element in the email editor. This may cause images, text etc. to be mis-aligned.

If you're experiencing these issues, the CleverTouch technical gurus have a solution...

1. Click Admin 

2. Click Email

3. Click Edit Editor Settings

4. In the Email / Snippet Editor drop down, select <div> or None and click save.

By reverting back to the original settings, elements are no longer wrapped with <p> tags and should remove any unwanted spacing.Let us know if this helped.

If you have any additional Marketo issues, we'd love to help - feel free to get in touch.