So you’ve just begun your Marketo journey and you’re looking to understand what it’s all about, or maybe you’ve had Marketo for a while and you’re looking to get the best out of the platform. Say hello to our Marketo Certified Consultants to guide you at every step.

We offer a wide range of Marketo training which is delivered by our Marketo Certified Consultants, including the fundamentals of the platform which is a practical session to understand the Marketo platform in a bit more detail. We also provide advanced Marketo training for users that have been using Marketo for a while - this is totally bespoke to your requirements, covering the most complex aspects of Marketo.

Marketo Training designed for you

Our fundamental and practical Marketo training days will get you into the platform and covers all the main functionality including; building marketing assets, data segmentation and automating your marketing efforts.

If you feel comfortable with Marketo already, our advanced Marketo training will push your knowledge to make sure you get everything you can out of the platform and maximise ROI. Our advanced Marketo training includes dynamic content, CRM integration and complex engagement programs.

If you’re a beginner or advanced user of Marketo, all our Marketo training packages are bespoke to your requirements. This ensures you get maximum return from our training sessions to support you to achieve even greater success with Marketo.

To build your bespoke training agenda, get in touch today.