Surveys can be a great tool for capturing new prospect data and enriching existing leads with their thoughts, feelings or business pain points on a given subject. The results can also be repurposed to form thought leadership reports to support and enhance your wider content strategy.

With that in mind, did you know that SurveyMonkey integrates with Marketo? The integration enables the ability to send surveys through Marketo and sync responses with leads stored directly in your Marketo instance. The integration also allows triggered actions based on certain survey responses, which is great if you have a piece of content that fits a profile determined by a certain survey response.

If a respondent does not already exist in Marketo, a new lead will be created using contact data collected in the survey. If the lead is already known in Marketo then their contact details will be updated by the data collected from the survey too.

This powerful integration:

  • Is great when using questionnaires to gather feedback from prospects or customers.
  • Allows for targeted and relevant email marketing based on survey responses.
  • Allows for lead segmentation using Marketo Smart Lists that are based on how a lead answered certain questions in the survey. Great for future email campaign sends.

Want to know more about a Marketo and SurveyMonkey integration? Get in touch.

Note: A Survey Monkey Enterprise subscription is required, along with an add-on which comes at an additional cost.