One of Marketo's most powerful features is the Revenue Cycle Modeler, yet many Marketo clients haven't deployed it or haven't implemented it correctly. Without Revenue Cycle Modeler you are not getting the most out of Marketo.

A key achievement of the Revenue Cycle Modeler is that through defining the lifecycle, sales and marketing become better aligned and their processes and activities become better understood.

It will map out all the stages of the lead lifecycle, from when leads were anonymous to when the deal is closed. By having these stages defined, content tailored for specific stages can help to drive faster, quality conversions.The use of the Revenue Cycle Modeler and the integration between Marketo and CRM allows for instant visibility and communication of lead management. The passing of leads from marketing to sales and their recycling back to marketing is assisted by the Revenue Cycle Modeler.

Without the Revenue Cycle Modeler it is difficult to see the whole picture. The analytics it provides allows you to see exactly how leads progress through the cycle. It becomes clear where leads are getting stuck, and improvements can be made by marketing at these stages to help leads move through the funnel.

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