- 58% of marketers rely on MA/MC specialists to support marketing campaigns

- As digital customer experiences match offline touchpoints in importance, the inability of marketers to deliver exceptional customer journeys hits revenue

- The serious shortfall of martech knowledge and training is revealed amidst this year’s Adobe Summit


Research conducted by Clevertouch Consulting for its Return on Marketing Investment Report 2021 (due for release in May 2021) has revealed a significant gap in knowledge of Marketing Automation or Marketing Cloud (MA/MC). Out of 200 business and marketing leaders, just 17% (34) say that their marketers were well-equipped to understand MA/MC and its capabilities.

When it comes to delivering campaigns, the survey showed that 58% of marketers rely on MA/MC specialists to support marketing campaigns, yet less than one in five (19%) say their MA/MC specialists are certified platform users. 46% described their specialists as self-taught using online resources. These findings suggest both a lack of investment and training in the use of marketing tools in businesses.

Lack of awareness and support clouding value

As we enter a hybrid, remote working world, less than half (48%) of those surveyed say their marketing leadership understands the capabilities of Marketing Automation or Marketing Cloud (MA/MC) technology and use them as a key part of their reporting strategies. And looking up top, only 1 in 5 say business executives understand how MA/MC can enhance customer experience and demonstrate the ROI of marketing activities. But these figures can also be explained by the findings, with just 36% of respondents saying they share marketing reports with executive leadership, and 56% of marketers stating that they don't report on MROI or have the reporting processes in place to demonstrate it.

These results indicate why marketing is being undervalued in businesses. Nearly three quarters (73%) of marketers say that marketing is currently seen as a cost centre within their organisation. After a year of budget fluctuations and uncertainty, just 9% are seeing budget increases, with 1 in 5 declaring marketing is viewed as a profit centre, but with budgets staying the same.

Commenting on the results, Clevertouch CEO Adam Sharp said: These findings show the true state of martech today, there is still a bias and over-focus on the acquisition on technology and an underfocus in the investment on training, technical marketing skills development and organisational structure. Nowhere in an organisation is the technology to skills gap more apparent than in Martech where the emphasis and energy on building out complex tech stacks far exceeds most organisations ability to deploy them well. As businesses start to reset and move forward again, the majority of CMOs will need to prioritise technology adoption and skills development over new technology acquisition.”

Clevertouch Adobe Summit Support

This week sees the virtual Adobe Summit 2021, where leading industry thinkers get together to discuss the latest trends and best practices for customer experiences. Throughout Adobe Summit, Clevertouch will be providing free, one-to-one consultancy sessions to help marketers turn the thinking and content shared at the summit into reality.

These sessions, informed by Clevertouch’s decade of expertise in Marketing Automation and Marketing Cloud platforms, will help businesses plan a roadmap from aspiration to execution. With the Clevertouch research highlighting the shortfall in martech knowledge and training, Clevertouch experts will guide attendees through:

  • Where to start their Adobe Experience Cloud journey
  • How to overcome key challenges and barriers to adopting Adobe Experience Cloud
  • How others in the industry are leveraging marketing technology to improve the Customer Experience


You can find out more about Clevertouch’s customer success stories and marketing cloud partnerships here