Clevertouch uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud to aid in the temporary recruitment of over 40,000 staff for a UK project.

Customer experience has never been more key to modern marketing. Your brand is no longer being compared with others in your industry, but with those brands that are delivering exceptional customer experiences, the likes of Netflix, Apple and Amazon.  According to Salesforce’s recent State of Marketing 2020 report, 69% of customers now expect connected experiences. Customers essentially assume simplicity, and clarity, and intuition throughout all online experiences, and anything that doesn’t align to this can severely impact customer satisfaction and adoption.

Our client was faced with the challenge of recruiting over 40,000 temporary roles across both England and Wales, all within a two year timeframe, and with a very high level of personalisation, requiring a strong customer experience. We were engaged at this point by the client to aid in the technical delivery of this project.

The client wanted a digital first approach, with a strong focus on candidate experience. Salesforce Marketing Cloud was selected for this because of its ability to create seamless customer experiences through its various studios, such as Interaction  Studio and Journey Builder. The client required the technical expertise to ensure their programme of work met its customer centric goals. This recruitment campaign also needed to be multi-channel, multi-language (English and Welsh), and required 100’s of digital and physical interactions across the whole of England and Wales.

Clevertouch brand illustration representing marketing automation

The Clevertouch Approach

Marketing Cloud experts Clevertouch provided the consulting and technical delivery expertise required to make this project a success. Taking the brief, Clevertouch took a customer experience first approach, mapping out the end-to-end journey, all tailored from the perspective of the candidate. Identifying all the touchpoints that would be required throughout, Clevertouch built a campaign framework spanning from awareness marketing journeys through to the actual recruitment and onboarding.

The Clevertouch solution included:

  • IP Warming Strategy
  • Marketing Cloud Solution Architecture
    Defining the Marketing Cloud data model
  • Identifying the integration and data flows from supporting systems
  • Integration to five 3rd party applications
  • Event sign up and management
  • Creation of email templates
  • Definition of key messaging
  • QA and testing

The agreed project plan was a defined 20-week initiative split into 3 stages: Strategic Planning & Design, Technical Core Build and Technical Build at Scale. This plan delivered 41 candidate journeys and 111 emails or SMS messages. Salesforce Marketing Cloud was used to manage each stage of the candidate application process to make it as simple, clear and streamlined as possible.

The Results

“Working on a program like this is difficult, especially with the number of people we’re dealing with, but you guys are making my job easier, and that’s how I measure performance” – Global Recruitment Firm

Clevertouch had four objectives with which success was measured by:

  • Candidate Experience: Recruit 1,000's of staff through a single process that delivers a best in class, seamless and engaging experience for candidates.
  • Technology Engine: Maximise the technology investment (Salesforce Marketing Cloud) to use its capabilities & scalable solutions.
  • Delivery in Partnership: Collaborate closely and flexibly to deliver candidate experience within project timelines.
  • Leave a Legacy: Build skills, technology and processes that can be scaled across the client, and outside of this specific project.

Clevertouch brand illustration representing marketing automation

The project was delivered on time and to budget, with the solution fully handed over to the client so they could manage the process themselves from then on and be self sufficient. The Marketing Cloud journeys created by Clevertouch processed tens of thousands of applications smoothly and efficiently. Salesforce Marketing Cloud was instrumental throughout the entire process with Clevertouch taking the clients’ ambitions regarding the platform, and translating those ambitions into an effective and successful reality.

Marketing Cloud allows marketers to speak to customers with the right message, in the right tone, at the right time. Book your consultancy session to find out more about how Marketing Cloud can help your organisation.