Undergoing a Marketing Automation project is BIG. It’s complex. It takes time. There are constant changes in priorities. And if that’s not enough, the c-suite expect immediate results.The organisations that we’ve seen deliver the most successful marketing transformation projects through Marketing Automation are those that are driving cross-team collaboration and  adoption of the technology. These typically have had a central marketing team or “centre of excellence” comprised of internal experts, such as digital marketers, data scientists and event gurus. Marketers in the field or across different regions then use the central team for best practice advice for ongoing marketing strategy and campaigns.

Managing Who Has Access to Marketing Technology

Through internal or external consultancies providing training, this central team becomes the hub of Marketing Automation expertise within the business. As the transformation project requires real organisational change – from process and platforms, to training and skills – the central team pioneers marketing transformation and educates the rest of the business over time.This structure enables central marketing to have a clear focus on the key tactical initiatives to drive marketing transformation forward; lead management, lead scoring, lead nurture campaigns, technology integrations and reporting and dashboards to name a few. Instead of a single focus on one initiative, the central team can create a strategic plan for all areas that will drive success, bringing the rest of the marketing department and organisation along with them.

Collaboration and Adoption of Marketing Automation

As the transformation project scales and the central team start to disseminate responsibility to the wider marketing department, collaboration and adoption are crucial to avoid chaos. The central team must continually control who has access to marketing technology and its associated processes. If necessary skills are missing it may be risky to allow users access to the Marketing Automation platform. In this case, further training can be provided, or additional technology can be used to support and drive collaboration and adoption.

Introducing Momentum

Momentum was created by CleverTouch DevLab, a dedicated team that develops cutting-edge technologies and applications for the Marketing Automation ecosystem, to solve adoption and collaboration challenges in large enterprises using Marketo or Eloqua.Momentum allows central and regional marketers the flexibility to create their own emails in a controlled system, where only approved assets are sent.

  • Quickly build on-brand emails with no HTML knowledge or training
  • Painlessly review and approve your team's email builds
  • Easily integrate Momentum into your Marketing Automation process
Momentum Launch Video:

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