It’s Spring 2014 and young love is blossoming at CleverTouch Consulting… OK, I’m no romantic novelist so I’ll skip that part of the story, but two years later, who’d have thought we’d be celebrating our first CleverTouch baby?Ruth was a Senior Account Manager at CleverTouch before taking up a Marketing Automation Strategist role at Wiley & Sons – Luke is our Technical Director / All Round Tech Wizard here at CleverTouch.Congratulations to them both on the birth of their baby daughter, Eva.The odds for Eva’s first word(s) have been fluctuating in the office but here’s a snapshot of them as of this afternoon:2/5  HTML1/2  Javascript2/1  Marketing Automation7/2  Engagement5/1  Pardot / Marketo / Eloqua8/1  Mummy / DaddyPersonally, my money's on Javascript.Good luck Luke and Ruth - everyone here at CleverTouch is wishing you all the best.Ruth - Luke - Eva