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Why should I work with CleverTouch?

5 BIG Reasons to Work With CleverTouch

Our position in the market is pretty unique; we're not a Marketing Automation vendor, we're not an agency and we're not just another technology company. We're a Marketing Automation consultancy.

By Marketers, For Marketers

We were created by Marketers with Marketing Automation in mind. We have done your job, and that empathy and applied knowledge of Marketing Automation is essential. Our approach is different too, whereas most of the industry is tactical and start with a demo, we start with a vision and a project management plan crafted with you. And we are vendor independent too, so you get a completely honest overview.

Consulting with a Small 'c'

Agencies will ask you what you want, we prefer to challenge your assumptions and some of your thinking too. But we do it nicely, without the ego. In fact several of the global consulting firms trust us to help them on their own Marketing Automation deployments. For obvious reasons we can’t name names…… but suffice to say, if you work with us, then you’ll be in good company and safe hands.

Reputation Over Revenue

Our reputation is everything to us, it leads to lots of referrals and customers that stay sticky with us. Whereas some chase awards, we strive for clients satisfaction, and ours tops 95%. We are’s top Pardot partner GLOBALLY and we are Oracle’s top partner in Europe for Eloqua too. Not wanting to blow our own trumpet too much but we are also the only player in town to be the consulting partner to econsultancy, the IDM and B2B marketing and to be recognised by Forrester Research, twice, based wholly on customer feedback.

We're Leading the Industry

While others repeat verbatim the message of the vendors we try to operate above it and we have a big focus on our own ip too. Some of our world firsts include:

  1. The first Data Warehouse offering for multiple Marketing Automation instances, complete with bi-directional synchronisation and failover.
  2. The first Social Matching Engine for existing data with an automated sync to the MA (Eloqua and Marketo users only need apply).
  3. The first joint Admin and End-user design, build and request technology, designed to reduce campaign backlog and drive user adoption at the same time. (See CT Powershot)

The Best, Most Relevant Experience by Far

Marketing Automation is now pretty hot, we see new entrants every week. A few are good, but most have morphed into the space on the back of their technical knowledge and existing partnerships, with little understanding of marketing or what Marketing Automation really could mean for the business. We are very different, and we have helped over 400 companies from the smallest ‘S’ in SMB to the largest global enterprises deploy marketing automation effectively and quickly. We don’t just sell it, we passionately believe in it and use it ourselves, extensively.

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