The release of the Pardot Lightning App brings Salesforce another step closer to their vision of a single platform experience for Marketing and Sales.

If you're using Salesforce Lightning, Pardot will now be accessible as a Lightning App, with the all the functionality of Lightning Navigation – if you’re not yet convinced that this is the way to go, here’s 3 reasons to get started to day.

Platform experience.

You will no longer be stuck with an off-the-shelf view of the Platform as Pardot in Lightning allows you to customise the navigation bar. This means you can move all your tabs into an order that makes sense to you – and remove those tabs you don’t use or need.

Searching for specific campaigns in Pardot can be a timely task - with the new Lightning App you can create list views of your campaigns. A list view allows you to set criteria which determines which campaigns are visible for each list view.

With this app enabled, you will work in Pardot and Salesforce from a single platform, and you can even add your most visited Salesforce Elements to your Pardot navigation bar meaning Pardot and Salesforce are one!

With Lightning comes the ability to create your own pages to store whatever you want on them. Giving you the ability to create your own Pardot Homepage and include the reports and dashboards your sales and marketing team need to see.

Engagement History Lightning Component.

The Engagement History Lightning Component will measure engagement performance across all your marketing campaigns and assets. You can now add it to your Campaign page view which will show you some meaningful campaign metrics such as form submissions and email opens.

The engagement history pulls in all your data metrics for Prospects, Leads and Contacts. So, Prospects do not need to be linked to a Salesforce record to enable that data to be pulled into Salesforce.

This means we can now create and customise some powerful reports and dashboards straight from Salesforce.


Salesforce are heavily investing into Salesforce Lightning and therefore Pardot Lightning. We will see some amazing and exciting releases coming in the road map, and that are already available to you right now!

Here are some releases that are only available in the Pardot Lightning App:

Business Units – It’s here! You can use Business Units to partition your data in Pardot.

Multiple Tracker Domains –  You can now create multiple tracker Domains and use them for your marketing assets.

Pardot Einstein – It’s coming! We have Pardot Scoring, but Pardot Einstein can inform you when a lead is likely to convert to an opportunity, provide you with behaviour scoring and buying intent.

For more information on the Pardot Lightning App, please get in touch.