Not every business wants to outsource their Marketing Automation skills to an expert consultancy partner like us. And we get that.

Some organisations do look to outsource their entire Marketing Automation delivery for expertise and guaranteed resource, but others like to develop the skills in-house. For these organisations there is a growing Marketo and Pardot knowledge gap which needs to be addressed.

Regardless of which camp you reside, here are 3 reasons why we think you should be investing in your Marketing teams’ Marketing Automation knowledge:

  1. Freshen Up: Often when Marketing Automation is first deployed, there is a height of excitement and expectation to yield faster and better results. The reality is that marketers are spinning many plates and the expertise and knowledge needed to maximise Marketing Automation often gets overlooked or deteriorates over time. It's time to freshen up your knowledge of Pardot to reignite your investment.
  2. Invest in People: There is a war for talent for marketing technologists and the differentiator is your organisation’s investment in your people’s development. As the adage goes, “invest in your people or they will leave. If you don’t invest, they might just stay…”
  3. Sweat the Asset: Marketing Automation is a significant investment in both cost and time. You have already invested in the platform, it’s now time to ‘sweat the asset’ and upskill your teams to get the best from it.


The 'Level Up' program provides training to marketers looking to become the internal experts and to progress their career as modern marketing requirements change.

At CleverTouch, we provide expert training in your platform with your digital assets and data, allowing you as marketers to develop relevant experience that much faster.

Our bespoke ‘Level Up’ training agendas focus on the specific requirements of your business and marketing teams to help maximise your Marketo or Pardot investment, from certification programs and tailored one-to-one to shared experience environments.

We are so confident in our knowledge and training ability that we even offer a Certification Guarantee*. If you are looking to become accredited on Marketo or Pardot, we guarantee to support and mentor you or your people through to gaining the much-prized certification status.

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