We’ve just returned from a successful day at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Roadshow, held at the QEII Centre in Westminster. The focus of the day? The significance and future direction of the engagement economy.Following an impactful welcome address and introduction to the engagement economy, the day’s sessions commenced. As one of the morning sessions, CleverTouch customer, Fujitsu, gave its well-received presentation on how Fujitsu is accelerating its marketing transformation.Alex MacAdam, VP Head of Marketing and Strategy, explained their marketing interactions with audiences using companies and organisations as diverse as Transport for London, Specsavers, KFC and Lufthansa. Alex explored the importance of transformation and why significant development is necessary. This was clarified using figures such as how 94% of B2B buyers conduct online research of some kind before making a purchase, how the average buyer is 57% through a purchase decision before engaging a supplier sales rep, and how 25 million old roles are being replaced by 15 million newly-created positions.This brought the discussion on to what marketing engagement platforms should specifically aim to improve; customer and company management experiences, more efficient and smarter revenue, a smooth adaptation to new GDPR laws, and boosted operational efficiencies and scale, as well as enhanced organisational design and development. Alex spoke about how Fujitsu has learnt in the areas of org-development and data, but they have much to advance in the sectors of full funnel metrics, revenue attribution, dashboarding and data driven planning.Alex concluded that Marketo and CleverTouch are making Fujitsu’s marketing development increasingly efficient, that vision is equally as important as software, and that as a partner, CleverTouch has provided excellent consultancy and implementation.After a half-hour networking break, we continued with a talk from John Sibley, Creation Agency’s CEO, who eloquently explained the partnership between sales and marketing. This was then immediately followed by the question of whether customer loyalty is the right goal, both posed and answered by Richard Dunn, the Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of Wunderman EMEA.The marketing knowledge shared was extensive, diverse and highly insightful, from the Marketing Directors of Panasonic and EMAP during the Fireside Chat sessions and from voices such as LinkedIn’s Global VP of Marketing and Marketo’s SVP of Business Development during the Partners sessions.And yet, aside from Fujitsu’s presentation, a major highlight took place between these sessions, with Marketo’s Product Keynote, as presented fascinatingly by Mike Telem and David Myers. The whole day concluded with a talk from author and CEO of Marketing Insider Group Michael Brenner, who discussed the techniques, current impact and prospects of storytelling in the engagement economy.With networking drinks coming to a close, it was time to call it a wrap. Until next year!